Some Tips for Selecting the Right SEO Agency

Check the SEO Agency website and carefully consider if he really has experience in the industry or if he is improvising. Does the SEO Agency present its own website, a customer portfolio or case histories? Carefully evaluate how they worked with previous Clients and possibly ask the Agency to demonstrate the results obtained through ranking reports or real cases.

Evaluate whether the agency has managed to position itself well
It sounds trivial, but the best work should be done on yourself, especially in a competitive industry like SEO. If an SEO professional gets good visibility and if his site is among the first among those that have come under your eyes, then we can say that he has some tricks up his sleeve!

Beware of false promises

We must pay close attention to promises and be wary of agencies that promise sensational results in a short time . Achieving excellent positioning results requires strong skills and a lot of time . Be wary of those who promise you to reach the first places on search engines in a short time!

Focus on your goals

Think about a narrow set of keywords , starting from your experience of the sector in which you operate. How are your customers looking for you? What are the terms that characterize you and are specific to your business? A good SEO expert will help you understand the actual and potential traffic volumes of the various words and will help you better understand how users use search engines and how they can reach you.

Google is the arena!

Forget the SEO agencies that promise you placements on the “main search engines” such as Bing, Yahoo, Libero / Arianna, Virgilio / Alice. But how important is being visible on these search engines? Virtually nothing! Google now reaches 90% of all users on the network and manages almost all search queries. Concentrate on this search engine and forget about the crumbs!

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