How to choose an SEO agency in 2020: useful tips

Here we are! You have finally decided to improve the positioning on Google of your website to enjoy the quality of organic visibility. Investing in SEO is always a good choice as over time it will help you reduce the increasingly expensive Pay Per Click expenses. For some sectors, such as affiliate marketing, it is even indispensable given the low profit margins that could be totally zero in case of acquisition only from paid traffic sources.

To get good rankings in SERPs you will need to seek advice from SEO professionals , or web agency – or SEO agency – who have experience in optimizing website positioning.

The question arises: how to choose an SEO agency in 2020? You are not the only one to raise the question as today, unfortunately, web agency “leaders in the sector” are born on the agenda.

So how do you distinguish serious SEO agencies from less serious ones that will use you as a test bed for their tests? Better a freelance SEO or an SEO agency?

Before moving on to the advice on how to choose an SEO agency, namely whether it is better to rely on an agency or a freelance consultant.

The answer is analogous to the one that is given when the same question is formulated towards programmers, graphic designers but also plumbers, bricklayers, etc. The agency guarantees the continuity of work, the freelancer does not.

A company is structured to be able to exchange staff without suffering major impacts and without interrupting the workflow of new and current customers. Of course, if you rely on a freelancer, the work will be done as long as he doesn’t decide to stop or change jobs.

It is also natural that an agency statistically has higher costs than that of a freelancer, for obvious reasons, above all fiscal. This is the price to pay for peace of mind and the guarantee of continuity.

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